LED-Floor-Warning systems

More safety at level crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.

The LED-floor-warning system is set into the ground, as a flat panel or a flashing stripe. When a train or a tram is approaching, the warning signal in the floor is starting flashing. By this principle it is guaranteed, that especially older people, children and cyclists are aware of the signal and do not lose sight of other, current warning lights, often mounted very high.

  • Defanging of accident spots at level crossings of trams
  • early cognition by pedestrians and cylists
  • Increasing of safety and reduction of accident risk at level crossings
  • economic
  • Easy retrofit
  • Robust and durable
  • Ready-for-assembly lot with mounting parts
  • Assembly by probitron on demand

Flashing stripes LS1500E

Due to their dimensions the flashing stripes LS1500E are ideal for marking of longer stripes, e. g. a platform edge.

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LP500 LED-Panel

The LP500 LED-Panel is mounted in the floor at an level crossing and is cotrolled by the existing control system.

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