Test tables for point machines

Prüfanlagen und Prüfstand Weichenstellantrieb

Cost-reducing fully automatically testing of point machines

Point machines used in local and long-distance travel are subjected to regulations due to testing and maintenance. Yet, this necessary safety-test cause high costs an a long time absence of the point machine.

Now, probitron´s fully automatic test-facilities enable you to inspect point machines on your own premise reliable, fast, and cost-effective as often as you wish. The costs for point-machine-maintenance can be reduced considerably, because there are no more expensive transports for external testing and the fixed capital can be minimized due to have less standby-point-machines available in stock.

What is the test containing?

The testing with probitron´s test tables complies with legal laws and contains measurement of servo-forces and capture-forces in both directions. The proper run of the motor is checked, too, in order to detect an unbalance of the motor and to prognose a motor breakdown. At the moment the following point machines can be tested:

  • Siemens S 700
  • Siemens S 700K
  • Alcatel
  • Tram point machines

The test tables are extremely simple to use. You do not need any further hardware and you can prove quickly and legally, whether your point machine complies with all relevant defaults.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduction of maintenance costs for point machines
  • Considerable time savings for maintenance and testing
  • No transport costs to external testing
  • Reduction of standby-point-machines in stock
  • Test-results are immediately visible and evaluable
  • Legal test-protocols
  • Compact size
  • After-sale-support